Using the Undocumented DATEDIF() Function in Excel

I’ve written before (albeit briefly, as more of a footnote) about finding the difference between two dates in Excel. This approach, of subtracting one date from another is fine if you want to know the number of days between two dates – and of course you can go one step further and use NETWORKDAYS to Read More

Battery Health Status Report in Windows (8,8.1 and 10)

Anyone who routinely uses a laptop knows that the batteries in them don’t last forever. This is an inherent part of the Lithium-ion batteries used in much of today’s tech. It can therefore be helpful to get a better understanding of the current health of the battery – especially if you’re selling, or have just Read More

Warning: Opening Excel Files with Array Formulas in Google Sheets

From time to time, you might have to work with both Excel and Google Sheets interchangeably. Generally, opening fairly standard Excel Files in Google Sheets works fine – Google has strong support for most Excel functions. More complex or large worksheets generally fail to open in Google Sheets – not ideal, but at least there’s no hiding from Read More

Improvements in how CSV File Saves are Handled in Excel

Microsoft have this month released an update which addresses a small, yet incredibly annoying ‘feature’ when working with csv files in Excel. Read on to learn more. Read More

Using the New Shape Maps in Microsoft PowerBI

Could the new Map Shapes visualisation be a game-changer for PowerBI? I’m going to look at what the new feature does, and why it could well be. Although this is, I think, the first time I’ve written about Microsoft’s PowerBI, anyone who knows me personally will know I’ve been a huge fan, following its progress Read More

Using EOMONTH() to get the First and Last Date of a Given Month in Excel & Google Sheets

This update shows a quick and simple example of how to use the EOMONTH function to get the first, and last, date of a given month. Read More

EU Brexit Referendum – A Look Behind The Numbers

The EU Referendum has been a huge talking point, right around the world. Whatever happens next, the effects of this vote will be felt for generations to come. Taking the politics out for a moment, and returning to something a little more ‘my area’, I thought I’d take look at what proportion of registered voters Read More

Determine if a file is open in Excel or Google Sheets

We currently use a mixture of Excel and Google Sheets. Not ideal, but it’s important that any output I create can behave with both platforms, there are inherent differences in the platforms. Some of these differences simply can’t be accommodated for. Others, however, can be worked around From time to time, I need my document Read More

Using the same Named Range in multiple worksheets, but with different values, in Excel

Use this trick to create use the same Named Range across multiple worksheets, but with each worksheet holding a different value Read More

Using TEXTJOIN and CONCATENATE for combining Text Strings in Excel

Learn about the different techniques for joining Text Strings in Excel, including the excellent new TEXTJOIN function Read More

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