Moving Data from Teradata to SQL Server

Update – December 2016 I wrote this article back in 2013, based on my current experiences working between SQL Server & Teradata. With the benefit of time (and learning more!), there are probably better ways I could have achieved what I’ve outlined below. Most notably using Integration Services. That said, it was a good learning experience, Read More

Finding the Difference Between Two Dates in SQL

In this post, I’m going to talk about finding the difference between 2 dates in SQL. However, I’m going to cover it across multiple applications. The Problem Statement is simple: How many days are there between two dates? What we want is an integer value back of how many days there are. The solution will Read More

Quick Way to Look Up Contacts in Outlook

This post will cover a small, but really useful feature in Outlook (2010+, poss 2007). Ever been reading an email, seen someone’s name mentioned, and wondered who they were? Sure, you could type their name into the Address Book, it doesn’t take long. But, there is an even quicker way. Highlight the name. Right Click, Read More

Inline-Replies, and Why Outlook 2013 Has Gone Blue

For many years, Office has followed a consistent colour scheme for its applications – Blue for Word, Green for Excel, Red/Pink for Access etc. And Outlook was always a yellow/orange colour. 2010 & 2007   2003 2000 ’95   Well, you get the idea. And the application itself would also follow this same yellow hue. Read More

Boot to the Desktop with Windows 8.1

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m playing around with the Windows 8.1 Preview. One of the other minor, yet significant, changes made, is the ability to boot directly to the desktop, rather than to the Start Screen we previously had to go through. The location of this option isn’t obvious though, but easy enough Read More

Windows 8.1 START Menu Improvements

I’ve been busy the last couple of days upgrading to Windows 8.1 Preview – not helped by Microsoft’s strange decision not to support upgrades from UK English machines despite it being supported in Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Swedish etc. There are a good few, and welcomed, usability improvements, but the most talked about change Read More

Site Changes

I’ve had great fun getting this Blog up & running – both in terms of the technical side of setting it all up, and writing all the posts. I’ve made a few tweaks to the site, to allow greater participation and sharing (after all, that’s what it’s all about!) As promised, you can now subscribe Read More

Optimise Your Outlook Panes Layout

Outlook is a great, powerful email Client – especially when hooked up to Exchange within a corporation – everything integrates very well. However, it’s easy for Outlook to get very cluttered with various panes for one thing of another – particularly if you’re using a laptop / small screen / low-res screen. This post will Read More

Showing the Desktop in Windows 7 & 8

Another simple one today In Windows XP (whilst that may sound like ‘a long time ago’, there are still a lot of corporations using, or not long moved away from, XP), you will have likely had a little icon in your Quick Launch which, when clicked, would minimize all your applications to show you your Read More

Using Excel Sparkline Charts

Sorry for yet another Excel post – what can I say? I like Excel! Another feature introduced with Excel 2010, is Sparklines / Spark Charts There are tiny charts that sit inside a cell, and used to show trend data for many areas at once. They’re simple to use, and helps visualize your trend data. Read More

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