Take Better Screen Shots in Office

Nice & easy one today, but useful none the less. Screenshots are a useful way of sharing something on our screens, especially with the plethora of different systems that different parts of the business may use that you won’t all have access to. We all know how to take a screen shot – and we Read More

Always Open Google Search Results in a New Window

I use search engines a lot – usually because I’m trying to find out how to do something. Like any good researcher would, I’ll go to various sources before deciding which approach works best for me. I tend to do a Google Search (other search engines are available, apparently ;o) ) and then open half Read More

Using Slicers to Make Your Excel Report More Dynamic

One of the many new features introduced in Excel 2010 were Slicers. Slicers sounds fancy, but just think of them as Filter Buttons. They sit on top of Pivot Tables to make it easier to filter your data, and is a great way of presenting your data to someone else, who perhaps wouldn’t notice / Read More

Defer/Delay Outlook Email Delivery

This is one setting I think everyone should use – it defers the sending of an email in Outlook, giving you some options when you realize you sent your boss the mail you meant to send to your colleague (probably because it was about your boss) I’m not sure when it was introduced, but I Read More

Restore Deleted Files & Folders – The Easy Way!

the Topic for this post is what started System Secrets – it’s based on the first mailing I sent out as Issue 1 of System Secrets in January 2011. It’s focus was very much our internal file-share system, but have re-worked parts of it to make it more relevant to a wider audience, but still still Read More

Using IFERROR to capture Formula Errors in Excel

Here is another useful Excel Function that was introduced with Excel 2007 that just, well, ‘makes sense’ If you’re designing spreadsheets with lots of formulas and lots of data, there will come a time where you need to error-trap some values, so as not to show #DIV/0 or #N/A for example. Whilst there are better Read More

Never Forget an Attachment Again!

How many times have you written an email with the intention of attaching a file, only to send it without actually attaching anything? Google (and other mail services, I imagine) offer a handy reminder prompt if you try to send an email where you’ve stated there is an attachment, but there is nothing attached. I Read More

Highlight the Largest Value on an Excel Chart

A bit of a follow up from the earlier post on highlighting negative values. This should work with all versions on Excel – though the options may be in slightly different places. This time, I want to highlight the measure with the single highest value. I’m going to use the same chart as before. So, I Read More

Highlight Negative Values on an Excel Chart

[Update: Be sure to check out the related article, Highlighting the Highest / Lowest Value on a Chart] If you work with charts frequently, you may sometimes want any negative numbers to be coloured differently to the rest of the chart Take this example, showing average temperatures for Prague We may want to highlight Jan Read More

Creating your Own Outlook Calendar Files

One useful feature of Outlook is the ability to import custom calendar items from a single file. Typically, this might be Bank / Public Holidays, or perhaps your Pay Dates or School Terms dates. They’re easy to create, and easy to share! I’m often asked to create such files, for one event or another. So, Read More

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