File Security in MS Office Files

I wanted to do a a post on file security – particularly for Excel files, though much of it will apply to other Office files. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and people thinking they’re securing their work / their company’s data, when they’re really not! I apologise in advance if it gets Read More

Using SUMIFS to test multiple criteria

One of my all-time favourite Excel functions has been SUMPRODUCT – it’s versatility was endless, but was especially useful for when you wanted to SUM up some data with multiple conditions, such as sales of Pencils in the East region, perhaps. Using SUMPRODUCT, we’d have written something like this…  This works well, but as anyone who has Read More

Prevent large emails blocking your inbox!

Seeing as it’s coming up to Summer and many of us are taking time off, let’s take a moment to see how we avoid the issue of your mailbox getting clocked up because of those 10MB reports you get every day! This works for Outlook 2010. I’m not sure if it applies to 2007 or Read More

Add a Time Zone to Windows

Here at Tesco, we operate it many different countries, and often need to communicate with colleagues from around the world. For anyone doing something similar to this, it’s always helpful to know the time zones in both areas. There are a few approaches we can take with this. Method 1 Right Click the time on Read More

Excel Tables

One of my favourite features that has been added in recent years, are the Excel Tables. Excel Tables, really, are just a way of formatting your data to make it easier to work with and manage – but despite it having been around since Excel 2007, they don’t seem to have had a huge uptake, Read More

A Note Around OS / Program Versions

There are two main machines I use daily – my work laptop, and my personal laptop. Although both are Windows based machines, they’re configured differently, so thought it worth clarifying. My work PC, of which I spend the most amount of time, particularly with Excel / Outlook etc, is Windows 7 based, with Office 2010. I Read More

Welcome to System Secrets

Hello & Welcome! Welcome to the new home for my blog, System Secrets. Some of you will be familiar with the format of my blog, but for the rest of you, this blog is a place of me to share tips & tricks I’ve come across through my day-to-day work which I think others will Read More

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